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How we got here

As a founding partner of a new advanced blockchain technology, Philos Marketplace (TM), we understand blockchain, industrial security, supply chain security and the importance of high quality education.  We are flexible and strive to meet the needs of our customers to protect, educate and integrate their operations with blockchain technology or other business and cyber security needs.  We look forward to bringing our advanced knowledge of securing data, people and property in direct solutions our customers can benefit from and/or receive advanced education in, though corporate/program delivered and individually consumed solutions and education.

BEES Education

BEES Computing is made up of SMEs from many different security, blockchain, IT, IoT and education solutions backgrounds. We specialize in providing educational solutions for corporate/enterprise, improving your organization’s knowledge base, as well as providing self service options for individual development. No matter what your special needs may be, BEES Computing can be your reliable solution to high quality education and professional development. 

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Subject Matter Expertise cover subjects such as...

Cyber Security Maturity Model

Our organization is veteran-owned by industry security professionals who believe in maintaining a high security hygiene to protect the data of our clients as well as our own. Our CMMC programing can help better support you to successfully compete for government contracts.

Blockchain Technology

BEES Computing has assisted in developing a third generation blockchain technology called Philos Marketplace (TM) where we improved the productivity of blockchain as a whole and lowered costs to points well within 1000% of current blockchains technology benchmarks. We’ll partner with you to help you better develop a robust knowledge of blockchain technology.

Software Development

Utilizing our experience with partnering in the development of the Philos Marketplace (TM), BEES Computing can help turn an idea into valuable lines of code for you clients’ solutions. No matter your preferred programing language(s), we’ll guide you through how to plan, design, implement and conduct CI-CD, priming your software to be a premium pick in the global economy.

Project & Risk management

Our team is comprised of PMI educated project management professionals who have worked in the sectors of Military Operations, Industrial Security, Blockchain, IT, IoT and Education. Our SMEs are thought leaders, equipped to teach you how to mitigate threats while enhancing benefits to any industry or topic.

Cyber Security

While the digital age has brought many improvements to society, it has also generated equal amounts of digital-based threats. BEES Computing can coach you on how to leverage these contrasting circumstances, providing secure solutions to protect against countless digital threats to important data.

Industrial Security

We understand that there is more to security that meets the eye. Our exclusive concept of Sneakers Team teaches an interdisciplinary approach to security, ensuring protection for people, property, data and more from external and internal threats.

Education must promote peace, security and happiness

-Sai Baba-

CMMC, DFARS, NISP & beyond

Blockchain Enabled Enterprise Security

BEES computing has professionals with years of experience in Industrial Security supporting military missions beginning with their initial service and continuing with supporting those missions as civilians.  We speak NISMP, DFARS, RMF and many other classified security standards to assist our client’s needs.  We understand the importance of having not only an efficient insider threat program, but we also understand the even bigger impact of organizational security culture.  Our professionals have managed cybersecurity, physical security, personnel security and crypto-security accounts in service and after service. 

CMMC Level 1-3 Consulting

BEES Computing is sportive of the CMMC-AB role in laying foundational standards for Cyber and Information Security. As experts in Cyber and Industrial Security, let us help guide you towards compliance with your federal contracts.

Tailored Classified Security Packages

BEES Computing can create custom security programs and solutions to fit your government (Classified/UN-Classified) and civil inustry needs

Special Program Security Planning

We can provide high level security planning for your special operations and special programs

Security Project Management

We are both professional Industrial Security SMEs with classified military backrounds and professional PMI educated Project Managers
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"Tradition becomes our security, and when the mind is secure it is in decay.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Blockchain Enabled Services

Industry standard driven use cases, modular use applications and custom solutions.

Philos Marketplace Smart Contract Consultation

BEES Computing has experience in the Philos Marketplace blockchain technology and the life cycle of a Smart Contract/Transaction Contract. We constantly research the science behind smart contracts for every application, that can be migrated or enhanced from legacy operations to secured blockchain transactions

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

We understand the larger applications to an organization as a whole and how blockchain can be used as a backbone to enterprise operations. Allow us to show you how you can save money AND increase the security of your enterprise data with blockchain

Blockchain Powered Automation

Blockchain allows everything from security protocols to everyday financial transactions to look at a protected database for automated protocols of every type imaginable. Allow us to show you how we can update your automation operations to now be protected from both external and internal threats of protocol manipulation and UN-authorized changes.

Blockchain Policies & Procedures

Allow a founding partner of the both the Philos Marketplace (TM) and the International Alliance of Trust Chains (IATC) to guide your organizational to how to properly account for updating your policies and procedures to reflect the addition of blockchain tools in your operations

Blockchain Integration consulting

Any organizational that wants to join the age of blockchain must have vetted blockchain SMEs to guide them in using this new technology. We can asses your organization in how it wants to use and how it can get there. From educating your workforce to providing continuous consulting, BEES Computing is your direct access to a team of professionals that can assist your organization as it joins the blockchain revolution

Custom Use Case Solutions

As we directly were involved in the creation of a blockchain utility like no other, we also understand that many organizations and individuals will have unique uses for blockchain that others will not utilize. You can trust BESS Computing to give your special use case the priority it deserves in its design and/or development to its eventual use in your custom use case.

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We welcome your questions and we would like to solve your concerns.  By protecting everyone’s privacy, we can all enjoy the digital age without the fear of someone stealing our information.



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